Progressive Vision, Local Values


I will work with citizens of Ward 2 and all of Corvallis to engage voters, bring awareness to issues affecting our community, and foster greater civic involvement.

I will hold regular neighborhood meetings to hear your ideas and concerns to ensure that together, we help build a stronger Corvallis.



The needs of students, business owners, and community members must be balanced. We must strive to provide affordable housing for all Corvallis residents to create a more inclusive neighborhood.

Homelessness is a multifaceted issue.  We need more than a seasonal emergency shelter; transitional housing is also critical.  I am in favor of a central location for all services to increase accessibility and support collaboration.



I am committed to immediate action to expedite our city’s transition to renewable energy sources, expand and improve public transportation, and make Corvallis a statewide leader in responding to the climate change crisis.

Corvallis workers’ access to affordable housing will reduce our traffic flow issues, create more opportunity for workers to use public transportation, and increase parking availability within the city.