Letters of support

I have been a resident of the Julian Hotel for almost three years, Charles Maughan is the manager. During this time, I have come to have a deep respect for his abilities not only as a manager but as someone who has done maintenance and managerial activities at two other affordable housing locations in Sweet Home. His responsibilities make him intimately aware of the different needs not only between two cities but the different needs between different parts of Corvallis (Willamette Neighborhood Housing has 10 properties in Corvallis).

In my many conversations with Charles over issues ranging from handicapped access, homelessness, health care, and affordable housing, there is a common theme in his approach to solving these issues. That theme is livability, community, and sustainability. For any problem to be addressed effectively all three of those themes must be incorporated, Charles understands this.

I have multiple sclerosis and use a power chair. Charles has seen me negotiate the challenges that being in a power chair create; we have had numerous conversations about those challenges. When Charles talks about an issue, I know that he considers how it will affect people like me as well as the rest of the population: Charles sees all of us in solutions.


We support Charles Maughan for Ward 2 City Councilor. My wife and I have lived in Ward 2 for 35 years and each of us served 2 terms as the City Councilor for Ward 2. We know what it takes to be a councilor who will represent the interests of Ward 2 and the city as a whole. Charles’s values and positions on current issues match up extremely well with most Ward 2 constituents.

His opponent, Catherine Mater, mainly represents the interests of downtown property owners, not those of most residents of Ward 2. Her campaign literature outlines a number of proposals she supports which we believe would be poor public policy, including:

• Selling part of the Berg Natural Area and then taking the funds away from the Parks Dept.
• Using city taxpayer public funds to subsidize building a parking structure to benefit OSU.
• Giving some developers “property tax waivers for five years”.

Please join us in supporting Charles Maughan for Ward 2 city councilor. He will represent all our ward and community residents.

Kent Daniels – Corvallis City Council 1987 – 1990 & Benton County Commissioner 1991 – 1997 
Patricia Daniels – Corvallis City Council 2005 – 2010


Charles Maughan wants to learn your concerns for the city and ideas for solutions!

He understands that Ward 2 is diverse in many ways and with that comes a lot of pressure to balance the needs of many interests. We believe that the only way we are going to truly solve our problems is if we all come together, have a dialogue in a respectful manner about the issues we are facing, hear each other out and share our ideas for solutions, get feedback from our neighbors and work to ultimately implement long-term solutions that we can all agree upon.

We first met in 2015 with the Corvallis for Bernie campaign. After the 2016 primary he supported my campaign to go on and represent Oregon at the Democratic National Committee as a Bernie Sanders delegate and went with me to Philadelphia. After our return he carried forward progressive ideas by running for City Council in 2016.

We are hosting community gatherings at local parks and invite you to come get to know Charles personally. He is dedicated to making Corvallis a better place for all of us and will continue hosting monthly events in the ward creating opportunities for community dialogue. He has always said that this isn’t about him, it’s about all of us and the world we want to live in.

Please join me in voting Charles Maughan for Ward 2.

Justin Brice


Having served for five terms on the Corvallis City Council, I understand what it takes to represent a ward and a community. Intelligence, compassion and the ability to really listen, especially to those with whom you disagree, are characteristics I found essential for success in public service. Charles Maughan has shown, through his actions as a community volunteer and public servant, that he shares those ideals and has what it takes to be an outstanding representative for the people of Ward 2. I first met Charles when we worked together in the circulation department of Gazette Times. I was impressed by his organizational abilities, his professional manner and his commitment to the customers we served. These are the qualities I know he will bring to the City Council. We also became friends and I have watched Charles grow into a community leader, organizer and advocate for social justice. Charles cares about all of the people and will strive to balance the environmental, social and economic roles of the City to insure that everyone shares in the success of the Corvallis community. Charles does not just complain about problems and will challenge “not in my backyard” sentiments when it comes to community issues. He faces challenges head on, seeks out facts and makes solid, reasoned decisions instead of deciding based on fear and emotional sentiment. I am pleased to call Charles my friend and whole heartedly recommend him to the people of Ward 2 to serve as your next City Councilor.

George Grosch  Corvallis City Council 2000 – 2009

Purple-Line-Divider2“In full disclosure, I am not a citizen of Corvallis, living as we do about two miles east of the city’s eastern boundary formed by the Willamette River. Our ZIP code is also shared with the city, and due to proximity and choice, most of our business, community involvement and shopping is conducted in Corvallis. So, even though we don’t get to vote in city elections, what happens and who gets elected in Corvallis matters to us as much as it matters to Corvallis voters.

The sort of person I want on the City Council is someone who can balance city policies for the needs of the disenfranchised with those whose voices are always heard due to their wealth and positions of influence. Corvallis prides itself on being progressive and compassionate but that is not always reflected in the reality of its housing situation — for the employed and unemployed, alike. I want someone who understands that traffic congestion during “rush hours” is related to lack of workforce housing, and that homelessness is related to the lack of essential employment and NIMBYs who don’t want the “problem” in their neighborhood.

That someone in the 2018 general election is Charles Maughan whose life experience and community involvement have shown him to be compassionate and balanced. I trust Charles, and so can Corvallis voters.”

Bud Laurent


“Charles Maughan is committed to serving all of the residents of Ward 2: students, seniors, and homeowners.

He is an active part of the community and realizes that homelessness is not the problem but a symptom of a larger housing crisis in Corvallis and Benton County.

He has a comprehensive understanding of the impact housing struggles have had on our community. He has volunteered at local shelters serving the homeless, he works with residents living on fixed incomes, and he knows the struggles working families face in being able to afford an apartment or a mortgage.

This is an issue that is a priority to Charles because he knows the people of Corvallis want and deserve long-term solutions.”

Dan de Carbonel


“I’ve known Charles Maughan, candidate for Ward 2 on the City Council, for approximately 2 1/2 years. Over the last couple of years I can honestly say he’s become my best friend.

I first met Charles at a campaign watch event at the Corvallis for Bernie office but got to know him better after his return from the 2016 Democratic convention in Philadelphia. A very short time after his return he decided to get off the bench and get into fighting for all the people of Ward 2 as a city councilor. With a very short time to file, get signatures, donations and endorsements Charles made a very strong showing losing narrowly by only 230 votes to a longtime incumbent who only represented the more affluent residents of Ward 2, businesses and OSU while neglecting the west side of South Corvallis, the regular folks living in the core downtown area and the homeless.

Charles is acutely aware that Ward 2 is extremely diverse and unlike other Corvallis wards. He’s well aware that Ward 2 has very special needs and is comprised of working families, the homeless, seniors on fixed incomes, retirees, the disabled, business owners and it bumps up to OSU. It’s a complex ward and all deserve to have representation. Charles is the one who can bring this all together and in a truly progressive direction.”

Ronald Gibbons


“I’ve lived in the southwest part of Ward 2 for four years, and I’ve never seen my city councilor in this area, nor received any outreach from him. He seems to care about downtown Corvallis while ignoring the rest of his ward. This neglect has contributed to the many problems in southwest Corvallis that overshadow the presence of lovely trees, friendly people, and children’s parks.

The good news is that the southwest part of Ward 2 finally has a chance to fulfill its potential! Why? Because Charles Maughan is running for the Ward 2 council position.

Charles is a large presence in south Corvallis. I have spoken with him many times about neighborhood safety, the need for beautification and affordable housing, helping women who are homeless due to domestic violence, how to create a socially tight-knit community, as well as other issues. In our discussions I’ve noticed:

  1. He clearly cares about Corvallis.
  2. He is well-informed about the issues facing Ward 2 as well as all of Corvallis.
  3. He views problems as opportunities to make positive changes.
  4. He knows Corvallis is changing and growing and has creative and practical ideas about how to keep the character and livability of Corvallis while also embracing growth and transformation.

On a personal note, Charles is approachable, personable, and nice to everyone, including my dogs and parrot.

A vote for Charles Maughan is a vote for everyone — people, dogs AND parrots included!

Luna Basheve-Singer


I know Charles, and I can honestly say that Charles is a man of integrity, a fighter for those who have had their voices taken, or have given up.

I will be voting for Charles come November!!!”

Cian Russell


Over the past three years, I have seen Charles Maughan grow as a volunteer and leader in the Corvallis community. I ask you to join me in supporting his campaign for Ward 2 city councilor.

Starting as a volunteer for the Corvallis for Bernie Sanders campaign, Charles put in countless hours phone banking, tabling at the Farmers Market, and volunteering at our staff office, among other duties. He made it clear early on that he has passion for progressive change, and is a reliable volunteer. This culminated in his run for City Council in 2016, which he was narrowly defeated by 230 votes. But this did not stop him.

Since the election, Charles has joined the Community Relations Advisory Board, the South Town Steering Committee, was elected to the Executive Board of the Benton County Democrats, and remains a key member of Our Revolution — Corvallis Allies. His involvement is inspired by Bernie Sanders’ philosophy of “change from the bottom up” and he is committed to listening to ALL voices in the community.

Ward 2 is diverse, and we need a city councilor that will balance the needs of business owners, seniors, students, families, and the homeless. I encourage you to learn about his campaign at electmaughan.com or on Facebook at Maughan for City Council. Charles will also be holding meet and greets at parks within Ward 2 to hear your concerns. Please join me in supporting Charles for City Council Ward 2.

Cassandra Nix